If you have an aging parent or an elderly friend or relative, there’s a good chance you worry about their wellbeing constantly. Is their medication in check? Are they safe? Did they fall? These worries may have you checking in several times a day or calling on the hour.

Introducing Lifeline. Lifeline is an easy-to-use personal response service that ensures that older adults living at home get quick assistance whenever it is needed 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.

When you need help, you just press the waterproof personal help button. Within seconds, a certified Lifeline representative responds, and summons appropriate help, whether it is a neighbor, relative, ambulance, law enforcement or fire services.

Lifeline is designed for individuals who live alone but may need assistance due to medical reasons or simple aging. Lifeline also alerts the main caregiver or family member.

The device looks like an answering machine with a speaker, antenna, and one large button. When pushed, a call is sent over the phone lines to a call center where someone is available to answer any time day or night.  The subscriber’s general information and health information pops up along with the names of three “on-call” helpers, such as family members.

The hospital works with Medicaid to provide the service free-of-charge to qualifying individuals. The service can also be purchased on a monthly basis for $30 a month. Installation costs $35 and takes one hour, including a brief training.