At Yuma District Hospital, we have a well-established family medicine practice operating out of two locations, the Yuma Clinic and the Akron Clinic. Between the two, we offer nearly a dozen providers—physicians (both MDs and DOs), physician assistants and nurse practitioners—who see children and adults of all ages.

We take patient care seriously and are always looking to improve our family medicine services. As a member of the Colorado Rural Health Center (CRHC), our clinics engage in statewide improvement programs aligning with national trends that demonstrate sustainable improvements andoutcomes. One of these programs led to creating medical homes and defining care teams for our patients.


“The staff at Yuma are incredible! The hospital and clinics provide an amazing level of care to their patients. They are truly providing high quality healthcare in their community.”

–Courtnay Ryan, Quality Improvement Specialist, Colorado Rural Health Center